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About the model: One of my docile 'hose nose' bunker buster warbird the P-47 Thunderbolt. Also known as the Jug! Fun plane to fly every sunday with my F4U Corsair.

Model details

Brand: Durafly
Model name: P-47 Thunderbolt
Url link to model reference (website):
Model released date: 2013-07-16
Model available as: Kit with electronics (need manual assembly)
Flight platform type: Military warbirds (proppeller)
Fuselage material: EPO foam
Model full weight (without battery/empty tank) in grams (g): 1160
Overall length (mm): 990
Wingspan (mm): 1100
Center gravity from the wing leading edge (%): 30
Propulsion method: Tractor propeller
Propellers blade material: Plastic
Propeller - number of blades: 4
Proppeller blade length (inch): 10
Propeller pitch size: 8
Landing gear attributes: Have retracts, Have wheels, Steerable
Flight control surface: Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Flaps

Onboard electronics

Motor brands & models: GC3536-800
Motor KV/turns: 750
Motor attributes: Brushless
ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) details: B-ZTW35ABEC
ESC max Amp (A) rating: 35
ESC's max voltage supported (V): 11.1
ESC's internal BEC current supply value (A) *If available: 2
ESC attributes: Brushless, Battery/Voltage level cut-off, Linear BEC/UBEC
Servo brands and model details: PZ15178 9g mini
Servo torque pull (kg): 1
Amount of servo onboard: 6

Main battery

Battery brands & models: Turnigy blue pack
Battery type: Li-po
Voltage (V): 11.1
Capacity (mah): 2200
C-rating (C): 40

Radio units

Radio unit availability: Self supplied/use personal custom controller/add
Controller design factor: Thumb stick style
Radio controller details: TURNIGY 9X with FRSKY DJT transmitter module
Radio receiver details: FRSKY D8R-II Plus
Radio frequency: 2.4Ghz
Max radio signal range (meters): 1500
Number of channel required operate: 6
Radio features: Digital display, Digital trimming, Channel mixing, Mutilple model memory, Expo setup, End point setup, Dual-rate, Timer, Detacheable transmitter module, Detacheable antenna, Diversity antenna, RSSI indicator, DCS/Trainer port


Level of skill to operate this model: Intermediate
Level of experience to assemble/maintenance this model: Intermediate
Model max speed (km/h): 72
Max runtime achieved (in minutes): 10
Minimum stall speed (km/h): 25
Max flying weight limit (grams/g): 1200


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