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About the model: This is a great beginners plane into 3D and aerobatic flying without shattering planes into pieces if you're a butter finger. This is my early days 3D flight practicing extreme moves without the worry. The fuselage is made from EPP foam which is durable material from crashes. If it tears it can be easily fixed with hot glue or others alternative adhesive. Very chunky size plane yet docile to fly to fly around the park practicing crazy flight skills.

Model details

Brand: Techone
Model name: Souka
Url link to model reference (website):
Model released date: 2012-07-10
Model available as: Kit only
Flight platform type: Aerobatic/3D profile
Fuselage material: EPP foam
Model full weight (without battery/empty tank) in grams (g): 370
Overall length (mm): 960
Wingspan (mm): 900
Center gravity from the wing leading edge (%): 30
Propulsion method: Tractor propeller
Propellers blade material: Plastic
Propeller - number of blades: 2
Proppeller blade length (inch): 10
Propeller pitch size: 6
Landing gear attributes: Hand launch
Flight control surface: Aileron, Elevator, Rudder, Elevon

Onboard electronics

Motor brands & models: 2212 Out runner
Motor attributes: Brushless
ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) details: Tower Pro
ESC max Amp (A) rating: 0
ESC's max voltage supported (V): 11.1
ESC's internal BEC current supply value (A) *If available: 2
ESC attributes: Brushless, Battery/Voltage level cut-off, Linear BEC/UBEC
Servo brands and model details: Hextronik HXT900 9g mini
Servo torque pull (kg): 1.6
Amount of servo onboard: 4

Main battery

Battery brands & models: Zippy compact
Battery type: Li-po
Voltage (V): 11.1
Capacity (mah): 1000
C-rating (C): 35

Radio units

Radio unit availability: Self supplied/use personal custom controller/add
Controller design factor: Thumb stick style
Radio controller details: TURNIGY 9x
Radio receiver details: Turnigy 9x V2 8ch receiver
Radio frequency: 2.4Ghz
Max radio signal range (meters): 1500
Number of channel required operate: 4
Radio features: Digital display, Digital trimming, Channel mixing, Mutilple model memory, Expo setup, End point setup, Dual-rate, Timer, Detacheable transmitter module, DCS/Trainer port


Level of skill to operate this model: Beginner
Level of experience to assemble/maintenance this model: Intermediate
Model max speed (km/h): 45
Max runtime achieved (in minutes): 10
Minimum stall speed (km/h): 5
Max flying weight limit (grams/g): 410


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Link to the model profile/build (website):

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