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About the model: This is advance remote viewing driving experience through FPV technology on custom build rock crawler. Build from AXIAL 2.2 sized parts and axle with custom welded steel caged chassis. Build for extreme FPV crawling and also off-roading with serious all-terrain capability. Comes with multiple live camera angle to make driving more precise and confident when viewing thourgh FPV goggle.

Model details

Brand: Axial
Model name: Maxximus 2.2 custom build
Scale size: 1:10
Url link to model reference (website):
Chassis type: Rock crawler
Model released date: 2020-02-04
Model available as: Custom build/DIY/Home made
Model's frame material (overall): Metal (Aluminum/Steel/Zinc)
Body cover: Flexible molded polycarbonate/lexan
Model full weight (without battery/empty tank) in grams (g): 320
Wheelbase length (mm): 350
Wheelbase width (mm): 298
Overall length (mm): 370
wheel hex hub size (mm): 12
Wheel size details (mm): 0
Tire size: outer diameter x width (mm): 2.2
Drivetrain: Four wheel drive (4WD)
Drivetrain power transfer: Shaft driven
Gearbox transmission shifting: 1x speed (normal)
Suspension shocks/dampers: Oil dampers + coil spring

Onboard electronics

Motor brands & models: LRP brushed
Motor size: 540
Motor KV/turns: 25
Motor attributes: Brushed
ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) details: Hobby Wing Quicrun 1060
Url link to ESC reference (website):
ESC max Amp (A) rating: 60
ESC's max voltage supported (V): 11.1
ESC's internal BEC current supply value (A) *If available: 2
ESC attributes: Brushed, Able to reverse, Fail Safe support, Programmable, Battery/Voltage level cut-off, Linear BEC/UBEC, Over heat protection, Waterproof
External BEC module details (if present): 3A UBEC module low ripple
Url link to external BEC reference (website):
Servo brands and model details: MG995 High torgue metal gear analog
Url link to servo reference (website):
Servo torque pull (kg): 15
Amount of servo onboard: 2
Additional notes about the electronics: Extra servo is EMAX mini 9g metal geared used for FPV camera panning. It also has engine sound system from Sense Innovation ESS-DUAL for realistic engine sound, turbo, blow-off valve, optional braking sound and horns:

Main battery

Battery brands & models: Gaoneng GNB
Url link to battery reference (website):
Battery type: Li-po
Voltage (V): 7.4
Capacity (mah): 3500
C-rating (C): 110

Radio units

Radio unit availability: Self supplied/use personal custom controller/add
Additional notes about the battery: Single battery to power both model and FPV hardwares.
Controller design factor: Pistol grip style
Radio controller details: Radio Link RC4G 4ch
Url link to radio control reference (website):
Radio receiver details: Radiolink R4EH-G gyro inside receiver
Url link to radio receiver unit reference (website):
Radio frequency: 2.4Ghz
Max radio signal range (meters): 1000
Number of channel required operate: 4
Radio features: Digital display, Digital trimming, Channel mixing, Mutilple model memory, Expo setup, End point setup, Dual-rate, ABS braking, Camera gimbal knob, Fail Safe support

FPV equipment

FPV video screen viewer details: Boscam GS920 dual band FPV AIO video goggle
Url link to video goggle/screen reference (website):
Video receiver antenna details: Patch antenna
Video transmitter details: Eachine TS832 Boscam
Url link to video transmitter reference (website):
Video transmitter antenna details: Stock monopole
FPV video frequency type: 5.8Ghz analog
Transmission wattage (mw): 600
FPV video signal max range (meters): 1200
On Screen Display (OSD) module details: RCD 3060 OS Mini OSD
Url link to OSD module reference (website):
FPV camera model details: 808 #16 HD + FEELCAM HD + 520TVL nano cam
Camera attributes: 720p, 30 fps, Adjustable White Balance, Adjustable Contrast, Night vision
Camera head tracking movement: Horizontal only (pan)
Head tracking servo details: EMAX 9g mini
Head tracking max rotation: 90 degree rotation
Head tracking servo attributes: Coreless brushed, Metal gear
Additional notes about the FPV setup: FPV setup has 3x cameras; 2x for live view 808 #16 HD (for cockpit driving) and 520TVL nano (for reviewing) via 2 way switch module activation on CH4. While remaining camera the FEELCAM HD for axle view.


Level of skill to operate this model: Intermediate
Level of experience to assemble/maintenance this model: Professional (Experience)
Model max speed (km/h): 12
Max runtime achieved (in minutes): 50


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#2 SupermotoXL 2020-06-12 12:50
Thanks man. Lets go for another adventure again! :lol:
#1 360FPVenture 2020-06-12 08:09
I like the tyre...its huge and easy for hill climbing

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