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About the model: This is my 3rd best crawler among line up of Orlandoo Hunter collection in my inventory just behind the Defender in term of crawling capability.

Model details

Brand: Orlandoo Hunter
Model name: OH32A02 Pajero
Scale size: 1:32
Url link to model reference (website):
Chassis type: Rock crawler
Model released date: 2018-05-30
Model available as: Kit only
Model's frame material (overall): Hard plastic/ABS
Body cover: Hard plastic/ABS
Model full weight (without battery/empty tank) in grams (g): 59
Wheelbase length (mm): 87
Wheelbase width (mm): 52
Overall length (mm): 87
Wheel size details (mm): 0
Tire size: outer diameter x width (mm): 0x0
Drivetrain: Four wheel drive (4WD)
Drivetrain power transfer: Shaft driven
Gearbox transmission shifting: 1x speed (normal)
Suspension shocks/dampers: Friction dampers + coil spring

Onboard electronics

Motor brands & models: Orlandoo geared box motor 120rpm
Url link to motor reference (website):
Motor KV/turns: 120
Motor attributes: Brushed
ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) details: Orlandoo 2s ESC
Url link to ESC reference (website):
ESC max Amp (A) rating: 1
ESC's max voltage supported (V): 8.4
ESC's internal BEC current supply value (A) *If available: 1
ESC attributes: Brushed, Able to reverse, Battery/Voltage level cut-off, Linear BEC/UBEC
Servo brands and model details: Orlandoo 2.2g low voltage digital servo
Url link to servo reference (website):
Servo torque pull (kg): 0.5
Amount of servo onboard: 1

Main battery

Battery brands & models: Stock Orlandoo lipo pack
Url link to battery reference (website):
Battery type: Li-po
Voltage (V): 8.4
Capacity (mah): 260
C-rating (C): 30

Radio units

Radio unit availability: Self supplied/use personal custom controller/add
Controller design factor: Pistol grip style
Radio controller details: Flysky FS-GT3B
Url link to radio control reference (website):
Radio receiver details: Flysky FS-GR3E 3ch receiver
Url link to radio receiver unit reference (website):
Radio frequency: 2.4Ghz
Max radio signal range (meters): 380
Number of channel required operate: 3
Radio features: Digital display, Digital trimming, Mutilple model memory, Expo setup, End point setup, ABS braking, DCS/Trainer port


Level of skill to operate this model: Beginner
Level of experience to assemble/maintenance this model: Professional (Experience)
Model max speed (km/h): 1
Max runtime achieved (in minutes): 30


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